Things That I Hate

Mandatory Health Insurance

The concept of mandatory health insurance is one of the most idiotic I’ve heard in some time. The purported goal of the ongoing attempt at health insurance reform is to make it available to people who can’t currently afford it, so how do they do that? They make it illegal to not buy it. If you can’t afford it now, making it mandatory isn’t going to help. All it helps are corrupt insurance companies who want to obtain customers by force rather than a free market. That, however, is the fault of the government, who is enabling their use of force against the public, rather than protecting against it, as is their proper role.

Furthermore, the whole concept of reforming and regulating the health insurance industry, beyond the basics of protecting against actual fraud, is founded in a false sense of entitlement by much of the public to health insurance and care. Medical care and health insurance are, as are most services, provided by an individual or group of individuals in exchange for a fee which the provider of the services dictates. If you cannot meet the terms of the exchange, you have absolutely no entitlement to the services. You have no right to anything belonging to or performed by another person or group of people unless they agree to provide it to you and you meet the terms.

It’s such a simple concept, yet so few people are interested in following such a moral code, because they’d much rather just take from others. In the end, it’s just simple theft, backed and enforced by the government that we originally enacted to protect ourselves against such things.

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