Things That I Hate


I bet I will be completely disagreed with this, but hear me out. Just yesterday I watched a movie on how some major "terrorist" events were staged. One of the ones mentioned, and I'M NOT SAYING I SUPPORT THIS, was 9/11. It answered some questions of mine, and I tried explaining this to a friend. He couldn't accept the concept that the great, honourable, and flawless American government couldve staged such a horror. I tried I tried and u tried to explain that this was based on fact. Then I realized that either by himself he was a conservationist, one who did not accept new ideas, or he was brainwashed by propaganda. So I went to another guy. Same results. To put it shortly.... I AM PISSED OFF THAT I AM THE ONLY WOLF IN A HERD OF SHEEP!!!!!!!!!! Brainwashed, conservationist sheep!!!! I can't even propose the idea of America bring flawed without being accused of blasphemy!!!! Is this really a free country???

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