Things That I Hate

Intruding Parents

I hate that my parents always have to know everything about me. And if I text someone or say an inside joke, they ask what it means and say that it’s stupid or inappropriate. Get out of my life and get your own! It drives me nuts! I just want them to know that times have changed since they were in high school and, yes, we make jokes, but they aren’t meant for old people.

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  1. “Get out of my life and get your own”… but still pay my rent, car insurance, phone bill, food bill, allowance, etc.

    I’m sad that some parents are intrusive, because some really are. Some haven’t come to grips with their own aging or their kids emerging selves. But some are able to be engaged without being intrusive. To be friendly and create a safe place to fall for fledgling young adults.

    • by old lady
    • 14 September 2010, 6:40 AM

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