Things That I Hate

People Who Do Everything but Type Notes on Their Laptop During Lectures

Honestly, if I’m paying $500 to take a class, I’m going to listen to the prof and take notes. So should you. Sure, it’s a bit of a thrill in first year when you can watch a movie during Biology 101 and not get in trouble, but you’re in fourth year now. Grow up. Your MSN conversation with your boyfriend can wait. So can organizing your picture folders. Checking your Facebook probably isn’t the best idea either, since I just saw what you typed as your password.

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  1. Only applies for classes where attendance isn’t required.

    If I’m required to retake a class after transferring and they won’t even give me the benefit of optional attendance, you can bet your ass I’m going to do something other than pay attention to a professor telling me things I already know.

    If attendance is optional… then why even go?

    • by pancake
    • 8 August 2010, 6:14 PM

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