Things That I Hate

People That Take Forever to Finish a Sentence

You know those people that call you on the phone like, “Hey, I just got an awesome— Um… Uh… An awesome— Um… It was an— uh…” Doesn’t that just irk you to the point of yearning to collide your outstretched palm to their annoying little face and scream, “SPEAK, I SAY! SPEAK!” Another example is a person who calls you and starts talking to traffic smack dab in the middle of their sentence. “Yeah, Josh was—oh, you stupid idiot in the red van—um, Josh was—this retard needs to use his signal before turning.” But upon listening to these side-tracked word spitters, all you can sadly do is listen and wait.


  1. It's worse when they're at home and you're talking to them but wait they're dog is doing something so you should shut-up or oh man look at that pic on the internet I know you're talking but it looks just like a penis! Yea I bet it does.

    • by SnickerTwit
    • 19 April 2010, 2:37 PM

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