Things That I Hate

Previous Generations

Every single generation, without fail, criticizes the next. They can’t help it. Times have changed, gramps! There is more to life than Casablanca and knowing how to fix a shed (which is actually a useful bit of experience). I watched Dr. Phil one fine day and he had something to say on the topic, and I paraphrase: “every generation talks about ‘kids today’ and how they are just stupid whippersnappers. But I think this particular generation, with its computer games and internet fanatics on Facebook has a real problem.” What do you think you are doing right now, Dr. Phil? You are no different from your parents! Things change. Computer literacy is just as important as actual literacy today. People need different skills—just because the skills are different than the ones you learned as a kid doesn’t mean we aren’t learning any at all. I realize that I too will become part of the “kids these days” group, but I stand by what I’ve said.

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