Things That I Hate


I hate those stupid PETA activists that think that all life in existence should be treated equally, whether the organism in question is a worm or a person. Insects are not people. They have few thought processes and are extremely primitive and are therefore not equal to people. Same with animal testing. Those stupid PETA activists are all about stopping animals from having new drugs tested on them, even though testing drugs is an essential part of developing medicine. Would you rather be the person getting drugs that scientists have no knowledge of injected into you, possibly killing or having negative effects upon you—or have that happen to a rat? I mean sure if all the PETA people want to sacrifice their lives and put themselves in the places of the animals being tested I’m okay with that, because at least then we will be ridding ourselves of some ignorant morons in society. I seriously doubt that any of them would ever do that for an animal though, so stop complaining about the animals being tested.

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