Things That I Hate


I hate the fact that the Governor of California is cutting money from the schools, as if education isn’t important. How else will we get on the road to success? Stop taking away our chances at becoming the best we can. Without education, where will we go?


  1. Education is important, but it is the responsibility of people to educate themselves—and in the case of children, their parents are responsible. The government should have no involvement in education. But that's not the primary motivation for California to cut its funding. They're deeply in debt, due to the excessive spending the government has done, primarily with regard to social welfare programs—of which education is one. And, since California has an initiative program where voters can bypass Congress to implement more things they want, even if the state can't afford them, it just keeps going further into debt.

    • by Snarkolepsy
    • 3 May 2010, 8:36 AM

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