Things That I Hate

Bunny Music

I hate when people think it’s so entertaining to listen to rap and hip hop. I used to love it, however, if you listen carefully to the lyrics and the beat, what does it make you think of? I hate it when people blast their radio in their car, it’s immature. Are you trying to prove a point that’s already been proven? Hip hop and rap provoke young ones to curse, wear their attire low and baggy, talk in slang, and not establish themselves properly in school. It aggravates me that teachers go to college, receive a degree and then have to be harassed by students constantly. Hip hop and rap provoke people, that is why I listen to classical music now. Don’t get me wrong, everyone should have the freedom to listen to what they want and do as they please, that is why we have the Constitution, but to increase the way you think and act as if life is a gangster movie, that’s just making a really bad choice.

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