Things That I Hate

School Bullies

I know this gonna sound nerdy, but stay with me. I am in high school. I was once attacked by three guys and they threw my stuff in the garbage a gave me a bloody nose and black eye just because they thought I was strange. That was three years ago. I used to have a girlfriend and a lot of friends. Now whenever I try to talk to anyone, they completely ignore me because they think I’m nerdy. I haven’t had a girlfriend or friends in years. I now suffer greatly from depression and have had thoughts of suicide. Bullying isn’t funny.


  1. Gee, sorry, I was there too when I was in high-school. No beatings, though (I'm a girl), but I had a pretty bad time.

    But you know what? Now I feel pity for those bullies. Most of them never finished high-school, and basically they were just a bunch of LOSERS. Really.

    If you're so depressed, seek for help RIGHT NOW. Maybe you need some medication. Seek for support. You're not the only one. And you're right, bullying isn't funny. Stay strong.



    • by Gissel
    • 13 May 2010, 2:58 PM
  2. My 4 step plan for dealing with bullies.

    1. Get in shape

    2. Come up with complex, intelligent insults and clevar comebacks to possible responses

    3. Use insults on them making them look stupid while you look awesome

    4. RUN!

    Other options:

    -learn parkour, you can get away easily and still look cool while laughing at them for not being able to even come close. "Is that all you got?!" and such.

    -Go tell a teacher, you got nothing to loose right?

    -Find a way to ruin their social life (make them look stupid, weak, clumsy, spread rumors, etc.) in a way that makes you look good. Not the nicest thing but, hey, this is WAR!!

    -Try to befriend them...somehow.


    -Do not threaten them directly.

    -Do not advertise suicide to get attention.

    -Do not look pitiful, remain confident, it gains respect.

    -Do not resort to drastic actions, they will make everything 100 times worse in the end.

    Be ruthless and brutal when it comes to bullies, but be smart. I have trouble with them sometimes as well and I don't like to resort to this, but if you have to, RUIN THEIR LIFE like they did yours, I don't want to say they deserve it but you know... I really don't reccomend it though because they might retaliate. GET IN SHAPE. Your best protection is your physical fitness both for fight and flight.

    If all else fails, move. Do not commit suicide, there is no point, and you will not be around to enjoy the guilt the bullies will feel anyway. Start a new life rather than ending the one you have. Get professional help so you aren't scared for life. Your first priority is to make friends, they will make everything a whole lot better and easier. No more sulking. Take action and MAKE things better!;D

    • by Co-hater
    • 13 May 2010, 6:01 PM
  3. What's ironic, Co-hater, is that you spelled "clever" wrong. :)

    • by Gramma Freak
    • 13 May 2010, 7:31 PM
  4. Look at that huge comment and ask me if I had time to spell check it. OK? I TRYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Gosh. OK, where is the mistake? Oh, I see it, ok, thanks.

    • by Co-hater
    • 18 May 2010, 8:50 PM
  5. I was looking more intently at the irony, not the misspelled word.

    • by Gramma Freak
    • 20 May 2010, 7:37 PM
  6. I feel the same way, but I can still talk to people. When I was a little girl, these guys messed with me just because of my race, height, and personality. Years later, I got revenge.... It was sweet. Karma gave them what they deserved.

    • by L
    • 24 May 2010, 4:02 PM
  7. I know someone who has been in that situation. The poor girl was shunned, teased, gossiped about, and bullied by everyone who came by her just because some stupid girls bullied her because she likes Lady Gaga. We became friends about a year ago and since then has been accepted and loved by my group of close friends. She confided in me that she had thoughts of suicide and was depressed. A month ago, I told her that was the scariest thing anyone has ever told me and she confessed that she is now happier than she has ever been before because she finally felt loved and accepted and that she was lucky to have met me. So find friends who don't care if you were bullied years ago. Those people might be nerds, nobodys, or social outcasts but if they love you for you than they are true friends.

    • by NSN
    • 20 July 2010, 6:25 PM
  8. Don’t kill yourself. You would be wasting the most important thing to you: your life. I wouldn’t want you to die, even though I don’t know you.

    • by Ajrules
    • 26 November 2010, 4:28 AM

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