Things That I Hate

People Who Let You Pass In Front of Them Through a Door and Then Expect You To Do the Same at the Door Immediately Following

I’m a huge loather of the double-door entrances found in buildings everywhere. You go through one door, walk three steps, and go through another. Granted, it’s not so bad if it’s just you walking through, but when you’re following someone it’s a whole other story.

For some reason that’s completely beyond me, people seem to think that if they reach a door first it’s more polite to stop walking and hold it open for the person behind them, allowing that person to pass in front, rather than to simply pause until the following person catches up to grab hold of the door for themselves while the first person continues on their way. I understand if the second person is elderly, has their arms full of stuff, or if the dude is trying to be polite for his date, but honestly, if I wanted to switch places with you I would have asked.

This is more problematic when talking about one of these double-door entrances. What the heck is this about letting me pass you as you hold open the first door and expecting me to let you pass me as I hold open the second? I’m trying to get somewhere, I don’t want to play leap frog. All you have to do is hold each door long enough to allow me to grab it and continue holding it for me. If you stop moving and hold it so I can pass you, you’re interrupting the door-holding chain of courtesy that’s necessary when dealing with more than two people trying to go through a door. And for that, I hope you end up standing there holding the door as a busload of tourists walk on through.

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