Things That I Hate

Women Who Go Fishing…

…For Compliments. The only reason you’re always saying “I’m so fat” or “My face is so ugly” or “I look so bad in this” when you’re with your friends is so that everyone will prop up your nonexistent self-esteem with empty compliments. Grow a backbone. I can’t stand women (most of the people I know that do this are female, I think mostly because guys never seem to be able to compliment each other without questioning their sexuality) who do this consistently—regardless of whether they’re actually fat, ugly, misshapen, or deformed like they claim. I feel like they’re almost a burden to hang out with, even if they are otherwise awesome, fun, and (get this…) attractive people! Please stop, girls; be confident and I promise compliments will come naturally!


  1. Of course that dress doesn't make you look fat, yes that's the truth, I mean if I lied to you you would kill me, not that that's why I said it, I'm not afraid of you or anything! Not that you are weak, your pretty strong, but I don't mean manly! NOT THAT WOMEN CAN"T BE MANLY, OH GOD, I DIDN'T MEAN TO CALL YOU MANLY!! JESUS HELP ME!!

    • by Co-hater
    • 26 May 2010, 6:44 PM
  2. It's usually girls and only children that do that but sometimes you need a compliment. Now I truly hate it when they're checking themselves out in a mirror and saying they hate how they look, that's contradictory if you're looking at yourself in detail at everything shiny you can see yourself in and saying you hate how you look and that you're ugly well that's just retarded and I'm more liable to go"Yea you are pretty ugly." Just because I know you just want compliments.

    • by SnickerTwit
    • 30 May 2010, 9:50 AM
  3. I know... like my friend... I was like I am going to go running in the morning... and she was like oh... and I was like yea... and she was like yea i guess I will go with you I am getting kind of fat too... and I am like too??? and she will be like oh ummm your not fat ummm... or like when she is at the lake with me and takes her shirt off gets into her bikini (she is 15 and 112 lbs. FREAKIN SKINNY) and is like ugh im so fat... and just looks at me... when I know she is just wanting a compliment... but seriously what is the point in saying "your not fat" when I know for a fact your just going to be like "whatever yes I am" well if you haven't noticed... when you are with your friend who weighs more than you (i know im not fat) and you say you look fat... you are saying your friend obviously looks fat... cause you weigh less and "look fat"... UGH just STFU and stop being so annoying saying you are fat... you know for a fact that you are skinny and pretty...

    • by Staci
    • 8 June 2010, 10:47 PM
  4. I decided to stop putting up with this kinda crap once I got to college and I suddenly found myself with significantly less friends. But the ones that stayed ended up being a lot closer and a lot less shallow.

    • by Paul
    • 9 June 2010, 7:35 AM
  5. Not that I think fishing for compliments isn't annoying...

    but saying to just "be confident" is a lot easier said than done.

    • by Holly
    • 19 July 2010, 7:57 AM

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