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“Oh no! The world’s going to end in 2012! I’m going to do the things I’ve always wanted to do before I die!” You’re kidding, right? You actually believe you’re going to be dead in two years? So what if the planets will all be aligned? Doesn’t mean we’re gonna die. It might actually be a good thing. The world will end when we least expect it, and that won’t be for a while. No one can predict the end of the world. People thought it would be 2000, but they were wrong. Just because someone got it wrong the first few times doesn’t mean the Mayans will be any better. As I said before, no one can tell what is going to happen in a few years. It gets me mad to think people are actually believing this garbage.


  1. Actually, there are no special planetary alignments happening, and even if there were, planetary alignments mean nothing. Things align all the time, and nothing happens. Secondly, someone might be able to predict the end of the world, depending on what ends it. It also might not end until it gets enveloped by the sun in a few billion years. By that point, we'll probably be spread out beyond the solar system and Earth will be abandoned before it gets destroyed. I agree with your post, just making some additional clarifications.

    • by Jonathan
    • 21 May 2010, 10:57 AM
  2. Humanity will have evolved into something completely different in a few billion years, in fact, there will probably even be a few more kingdoms. Besides, the myans didn't predict the end of the world, or anything for that matter, the calander was just worn off at a point and was missinterperated. Did I spell that right?

    • by Co-hater
    • 26 May 2010, 6:09 PM
  3. But if you say "The world will end when we least expect it, and that won’t be for a while", doesn't that mean that in a while people will be expecting it? Leading one to believe that it couldn't happen since people will, indeed, be expecting it (according to your argument.) Therefore, couldn't that lead to the possibility of the world ending sometime soon, since that would be the "unexpected thing", after all?

    Just saying..

    • by Not saying I agree, not saying I
    • 22 June 2010, 8:16 AM
  4. "The world will end when we least expect it, and that won’t be for a while. No one can predict the end of the world."

    Isn't that a paradox?

    • by a commenter
    • 8 July 2010, 11:20 AM
  5. People have the right to believe what they want to believe. As long as they don't preach it to me, I wont be bothered by it.

    • by Manderin
    • 13 July 2010, 5:32 PM
  6. The 2000 thing was because computers had been using two digit years and many programs (including banking software, etc.) assumed that the largest two-digit year (like 98 or 99) would represent the most recent date. In 2000, the most recent two-digit year would actually be 00 which means the software would think it was actually very old (and likely ignore it). Fortunately the important software was updated in time to use 4-digit years so this won’t be a problem again until the year 10000.

    Also, I recently learned the actual story about the Mayan 2012 myth from an Anthropology professor who has studied it first hand. The same way that our two-digit year would “roll over” with the year 2000, their calendar rolls over at 2012. Nothing would happen then, they would just start using their old dates over again just like we started reusing the two-digit years ’00, ’01, ’02, etc.

    • by Andrew
    • 8 March 2011, 10:04 AM
  7. I was told just yesterday that the world’s going to end soon, and because I’m not Christian, I’m going to hell. The apocalypse has falsely been predicted several times. If you look up the years in which people have falsely predicted “end times”, the whole thing just gets humorous.

    • by MastaMonkey
    • 20 August 2015, 5:50 PM

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