Things That I Hate

My Dad

Sure, I love my dad, but I hate his personality. Since day one, he’s acted more like an annoying older brother than a father. He constantly teased me, call me “pig”, and would never leave me alone. I think he has undiagnosed ADD, because apparently he was so uncontrollable as a kid, his parents sent him to military school. Also, he is very ethnocentric. He never has anything nice to say about other people, races or cultures, other than his own. He’s a living twin of the old guy from Gran Turino. He’s the family member who you’ll cry about at their funeral, but you never want to go on vacation with.


  1. That sucks that someone would get sent military school for having ADD. I have ADHD (which is crazier) and there is nothing wrong with me. I'm just nuts, but in a good way. He is probably from a generation that tried to fight problems with force rather than understand them. That's probably why he is the way he is, even if he doesn't really have ADD.

    • by Co-hater
    • 17 June 2010, 4:53 PM

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