Things That I Hate

The Word “Ugly”

The word “ugly” is a rude and shallow word used by “pretty” people who are popular just because of their looks. I wish they would ban the word “ugly”, because just hearing it makes unpopular people upset. It seems that today everyone goes for looks, not the person inside. The “pretty” people are loved by everyone, while the “ugly” ones are ignored. The actions of a person should be judged, not their appearance.


  1. I agree that people should be judged for their actions, beliefs, achievements, etc.—the things they have control over—rather than the aspects of their appearance determined by genetics, but "ugly" is a legitimate word, and even if it didn't have other uses, words should never be banned. Additionally, some aspects of appearance are worthy of being judged. Someone who does not exercise, clean or groom themselves can be reasonably judged to have little self esteem, as they do not care how they look. But that's fitness, health, grooming and clothing, not body and facial structure, which say nothing about the person.

    • by Jonathan
    • 13 July 2010, 10:01 AM

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