Things That I Hate

When My Big Sister Thinks She’s My Mom

She’s always trying to check my texts to see if there is anything bad. Every time I’m over my friends house and I get back home, she asks me so many questions. She does this because she loves me, but she needs to mind her own business because she tries to act like she’s responsible for me, but she definitely is not. If someone wants to tell me what to do, I think it should be my mom. I think my sister is jealous because I get to do more things then she ever did when she was my age.


  1. i do this to my lil sis but i dont want her to grow up too fast all my life i kept wanting to act older than i was and now that i am grown up i want her to take it slow and not rush growing up. i dont want lollipops to turn into cigarettes or drugs or cooties to turn into sex. i just want her to remember being innocent and to not grow up as fast as i did. kids nowadays cuss and know what sex is and do drugs at 12 or so. and it hurts me i just want whats best for her i want her to do good in school and go to college and not get riled up in drugs and sex and get pregnant before finishing school and get a good job and marry a decent man instead of being a single mom and struggle to get through the day.

    • by anonamous
    • 20 July 2010, 10:41 AM

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