Things That I Hate


It’s not the French themselves that I hate—in fact, I have a French friend—it’s the language. I mean, I have spent all my life learning the English vocabulary, but now I have to spend the rest learning French. I had a test at school recently where I had to remember four paragraphs in one week and obviously I didn’t do too well. For some reason, my parents keep saying to take it in college because I will get a better job, but I really can’t be bothered. I hate it.


  1. I know Spanish (my native language), English, and Portuguese, and learned French in high-school. I've NEVER needed French, so I've forgotten most of what I learned. Everybody outside the USA knows English. If you want to learn a useful language, learn Spanish. It's the second most spoken language. The first is Mandarin Chinese.

    • by Gissel
    • 20 July 2010, 3:20 PM

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