Things That I Hate

Parents Who Let Their Kids Run Amok in Stores

I want to go into the store, grab my bag of Doritos, half gallon of Chocolate milk and then get back home to watch the game. Why is it this seemingly simple task is complicated by having your little ankle biter running everywhere around me kicking, screaming, and being an all around nuisance to humanity? I try to write it off as a playful child, but looking into his eyes I can see the hellion inside him. He has a devil grin that basically says he knows you aren’t going to discipline him for knocking over that fruit stand. He knows you won’t say anything when he starts crunching the bags of chips, so he does so with destructive glee. And of course, when I finally do finish the gambit of shopping, who is magically in front of me at the checkout lane? You and your little devil spawn. Argh!

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