Things That I Hate


I hate it. Wouldn’t it be cool to just float around everywhere? One time I threw a pencil in the air in class and I got so frustrated when it came back down, I kept throwing it over and over and over again because I’d convinced myself that after a while it would defy gravity and float away. The guy next to me looked at me like I was crazy.

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  1. If you think that continuing to do the exact same thing over and over will eventually lead to a different result, you are crazy.

    • by Jonathan
    • 11 August 2010, 11:19 AM
  2. It would be cool for about an hour before you got tired of how difficult it is to get around and to keep things in one place in zero gravity.

    • by Andrew
    • 11 August 2010, 5:51 PM
  3. Excuse me, Jonathan, but I get bored in school and I was in one of those moods. And yes, maybe I am slightly crazy, but that’s okay with me.

    • by bethiebooo
    • 21 August 2010, 7:25 PM

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