Things That I Hate

Things That I Hate

Why can’t everyone and me get along and everything and everyone be happy with no hatred! This world is so sad… why do we have to hate so many things!?

Falling For Him Again

I was doing really well, because I finally stopped having feelings for this guy who I knew didn’t like me, and I told myself he wasn’t worth fighting for, and that I should just give up. So I did, and it’s been great. But now, I think I’m falling for him again. Today he was making me laugh so much, and it really felt comfortable. I wish I could just be happy with being his friend, but my heart sometimes does crazy things even when my mind tells it not to.

Having to Pee While Traveling

I hate when you’re in the middle of nowhere traveling in a car and you suddenly get the urge to pee. I’ve had this for 30 minutes now and my parents won’t stop. So I’m either going to explode and pee all over the place or fall asleep and hopefully I’ll hold it in.

Bad Drivers

Don’t drive in my blind spot unless you want me to hate you, and also please use your blinker. It’s literally centimeters from your fingers, and not out of your way to warn others when you’re changing lanes in traffic.

Being Shy

I’m shy, not anti-social. Just because I don’t like starting conversations doesn’t mean you can’t talk to me. I will respond.

When People Come in My Room when My Door is Closed

My door is shut. That means I’m doing something you don’t want to see or doesn’t concern you. It’s not like I’m doing anything bad. I should just be allowed to change my clothes without you barging in to tell me something stupid.

The Song “Never Say Never”

I don’t get it. When Justin Bieber is singing “never say never”, doesn’t he realize that he says “never” like twenty times in the song?

This App

I don’t hate it, but instead of complaining, we should realize that life’s short, and complaining gets you nowhere.


They are always a worry, whether at night or in the future. You have to see if you brushed them right, or if are you using the best toothpaste, or if you’re going to lose them. I wish that our teeth would just stay white and clean without us eating, drinking or doing anything to them.

Typo Freaks

like really ? I know grammer okay , if im on the internet do you THINK i want to spell out every word use semicolons & stuff . JUST get a life thats all i asked .!