Things That I Hate

“I See”

When I’m texting someone and put some thought into a text and expect a response, I don’t want to get “I see” back and nothing more. It’s very frustrating! What do you expect me to say to that?

People Who Just Don’t Understand Fashion

I wear actual stylish clothes, and everyone thinks it’s weird that I have tights on sometimes, or that I’m wearing a skirt, while they are wearing old stained advertising t-shirts. C’mon now, guys. Take a look in the mirror. They have a lot of nerve dissing on me.

Can’t I Just FaceTime My Friends in Peace?

It’s so annoying when my friends and I are FaceTimeing and every 30 seconds my mom or dad calls me for something. They always ask what am I doing, and I always tell them I’m FaceTimeing! God! Why can’t I just talk to my friends privately! I don’t want my parents listening to every word we say!

When I Can’t Sneeze

I hate when I’m just about to sneeze but then it doesn’t come out and I end up yawning instead. It feels really uncomfortable.


First you come to me, and when I say no, you turn around and ask my friend out. No wonder no one likes you.

“What time is it?” “Five after.”

Five after what? I asked for the entire time, not just the minutes.

In a Group with the Stupid Ones

My teacher gave us this big assignment, and on the due date before turning it in, she let us check our answers with a certain number people close to us. So she kind of made groups with who was around me and poof! I’m in a group with the stupid ones. The people who don’t pay attention, the people who are always talking, the people who fail the class. All the questions I wasn’t sure of, they didn’t even answer. I don’t think I’m the smartest person in the class, or in my grade, but dang, I really hate being in groups with that kind of crowd.

People Who Don’t Fess Up

Recently my family got a new cat, and at the same time, my step-siblings were visiting us. She was super friendly and playful, and we all played with her. After two days, however, she changed drastically and became fearful and twitchy around people, and would run away if someone came near her.

I know my step brother did something to her, accidentally or not. If we had known at the time, we could have given her some attention to make her better, but no. My brother’s the type of person who’ll do something but not say anything in fear of getting in trouble. I normally wouldn’t care if it was something like breaking a plate, but instead, he broke a living creature.

Do you know what you’ve done? You’ve made it so that another living being has to go through hell every day, constantly in fear of everything around it. All because you didn’t have the guts to admit something and deal with the consequences. Bravo, man. Great work.


They come up to my room and make me watch them jump on the bed and play with everything, leave a complete mess and broken things, leave my room and shut the lights off, leaving me to clean up and fix my things that they broke. On my birthday. Thanks a lot, guys.

Lazy People That Get Everything Handed to Them

My sister in-law and her husband are the laziest people I know. They have four kids they don’t take care of, they refuse to get jobs, and use drugs everyday. I’ve recently lost my job and have been looking for a new one every day. My bills are so far behind, I have three kids to feed, and my wife is seven months pregnant. Since I haven’t had a whole lot of luck finding work, I tried for public assistance. They helped a little, for which I’m very grateful.

But what I hate is that two days later, my sister-in-law went to get assistance because she heard about it, and got three times as much money as we did and her rent paid. So now they get the government to pay for their drugs and food and rent and get to sit around and be lazy drug addicts that don’t take care of their kids right. Meanwhile, I get to bust my hump and struggle to keep my family’s head above water and try to do it the right way.