Things That I Hate

Not Being Athletic or Specially Gifted in Any Way

I’ve tried so many things: swimming, dance, gymnastics, softball, basketball, acting, academic triathlon, art classes… I’m not specially gifted at a single one. I hear these great stories about gifted kids, why can’t I just be one of them?

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  1. Many of them wish for nothing more than to be average.

    • by Andrew
    • 10 October 2010, 10:59 PM
  2. To answer your question, it’s perhaps because you don’t focus and practice one thing. Second, keep looking. I had to go as far as Parkour after trying everything else to find my thing.

    • by Co-hater
    • 11 October 2010, 6:26 PM
  3. If everyone is gifted, nobody is gifted. Thanks for making me special.

    • by Anne
    • 12 October 2010, 3:35 PM

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