Things That I Hate

How Society Sees Beauty

It’s so annoying how you have to be tall, skinny, tan, and have perfect skin and hair to be pretty. And those people just seem like they were born perfect looking. Not everybody is going to look like that. In fact a lot of good people aren’t going to look like that.

“What an Oaf”

I am not an oaf. I am clumsy and a little slow and can sometimes act inappropriately. That doesn’t give you the right to call me such a cruel and nasty name. So please keep your opinion to yourself. I may be a little unique but I am a human like you and have feelings.

Eating Disorders

I hate how I have to walk down the halls at school passing those skinny little twigs. I’m tall, almost 6 feet, so I have a big torso. I have a very small stomach and a big ribcage. I get bullied. Partly because I’m not like the other girls. I know I cant fit in, but I try anyway and starve myself. I’m only 13. I need help. But no one ever listens.

Whatever is Under My Bed

I hate how I can’t just walk up and put my feet on the ground right next to my bed. I literally have to jump just to get on or off my bed because I’m afraid something’s going to grab my leg. To make things worse, whenever I’m trying to sleep, I hear noises from under there.

Swear Words

I hate how you can’t say swear words at school, for instance, the “B-word” that means female dog. We don’t have anything against female dogs, so why is it so bad to call someone one?

People Who Act Like They Know Me More Than I Do

Yes, I tell my friends stuff and my friends and family know a lot about me. But I hate it when they act like they understand everything I do, how I feel about stuff, or what I’m thinking. They say they know me so well, and yes they do, but I know myself way more than anybody else… I am myself.

Taylor Swift Songs

Some are okay, but I feel like some are not relatable. If she were to write a song about a shy girl liking a boy she will never have, I would be hooked.

My Parents

Last night I told you I was going to the movies at 5 PM and coming home at 8 PM. Today you say I have to be home at 5pm, then you yell at me because I don’t want to cancel my plans with my friends just because you decided to change your mind as I’m walking out the door.

Two Day Weekends

First of all, they go way too fast. I wake up at 5:45 in the morning on weekdays for school. On Saturday I have to wake up early for work. The rest of the day I eat and fall asleep. Sunday, I wake up early to go to church and I have activities to go to. The rest of the day is stuffed with homework. And there goes my “weekend.” Thank God it’s Friday?

When the Person You Like Doesn’t Like You Back

I just feel like there’s no chance. I have liked the same person for two years and I feel like it’s pointless to even like the person, but I can’t help it.