Things That I Hate

When Your Sister Makes Out With Her Boyfriend And Thinks You Can’t Hear

So you thought I couldn’t hear you guys just because I was upstairs and you were in the downstairs hallway? Yeah, no. Was it weird for me? Lil’ bit.

Real Books Nowadays

One word: overrated. Now we have Kindles, Nooks, and our phones to read off of, and me being a Kindle owner, I definitely think it’s easier to read with one, and it’s saving more trees! Eventually, when books get published, they’ll be getting published to the Kindle store anyways.

Grade Below

Well this kid really liked me and I’m like best friends with his older brother and so the kid asked me out and I said sure cuz he’s a really nice kid and why not give it a go! But the only flaw is he’s a grade below me and I’m really starting to like him! It’s kinda embarrassing but I’m sure I’ll be fine with it! I mean does this make me a cougar? I never meant for it to happen but I guess everything happens for a reason.

People That Scuff Their Feet As They Walk

It bothers me so much. All through my childhood I was told not to drag my feet as I walked. I learned that at a young age, because it’s obnoxious and lazy. Now that I’m older, I look around and about 90% of people do it. It’s so annoying. Is it really that hard to just pick up your feet? It’s not that hard!

Spell Checkers

I hate that its not always write.

People Who Think Teenagers Are Followers Just Because They All Have Uggs

I have uggs, yet I still have my own style. Uggs are awesome. You’re probably just jealous that you don’t have any.

Gay Haters

I may not be gay, but I’m still offended when you bash them! So what if you don’t think they are born gay or not? What does that change? It’s how they are and if you think it’s a choice, you can say that, but please don’t bash them!

Not Really Losing Things

When you spend ten minutes looking for something and it’s in your hand.

Exam Week

It’s just really stressful. Plus my Spanish teacher expects us to finish a 250 question test, when we’ve probably only learned 50 or less things in that class. I know I’m going to fail.


They are all the same. They treat me like shit and then move on to another girl to do the exact same thing. I’m definitely going to be single for the rest of my life.