Things That I Hate

Bitter People

It seems like whenever someone asks me who gave me something and I say “my parents”, they look at me like I am a spoiled brat. I hardly ever ask my parents for anything I don’t need. Ninety-seven percent of the time when I ask my parents for money, it is school related. I work very hard to get good grades and will be graduating with honors in the spring. Sometimes my parents will randomly buy me something nice because they love me and are proud of me for doing well. I never ask for these things, and I definitely don’t throw fits or act mean to them to get these presents. So it’s not fair when people judge me and think I’m spoiled just because my parents buy me something from time to time. I have tried my hardest to do well in college, graduate on time, and be in multiple sororities and fraternities at my school. I don’t do drugs, I don’t excessively drink alcohol, and I respect my parents’ decisions. I do pay for things that I want with my own money when I decide that I want to buy something just for me. So stop acting bitter and hateful to me. Don’t act like you are entitled to gifts just because you see me get one. Maybe if you were nice to your parents and didn’t feel like you are entitled to your iPods, clothes and jewelry, they would buy you things more often!

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