Things That I Hate


My dad was a heavy drinker when I was younger, but he stopped. All of a sudden, he’s drinking again. I just want to shake him and yell at him for being so stupid. Maybe I’ll remind him what killed his nephew—a drunk driver. Maybe I can remind him why my mom decided to divorce him. Is getting arrested in front of your five year old not enough? Now you’re forgetting things and acting depressed and everything reeks of beer. May I have permission to slap you and maybe have a mental breakdown, just to show you how much you’re hurting everyone?

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  1. He’s acting depressed? Maybe he is depressed and is using alcohol the way many alcoholics do, as a crutch. Instead of being violent towards him, encourage him to seek help.

    • by Neil
    • 15 October 2010, 4:46 AM
  2. I feel the same way. I grew up with an alcoholic father who would often beat me (his daughter) and my mother. Throughout my life, he has tried and again and again to become sober. My heart goes out to you. Sometimes dealing with their illness will make you sick too and I know at a certain point you just want everything to change and go away.

    • by ZombiKitti
    • 2 January 2011, 3:05 PM

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