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My Body

My opinion about my body changes daily. I’m afraid to eat anything, but I can’t help myself! I weigh 125 at 5′7″. I can’t decide whether it’s too much or not, because I was very skinny until recently. But some days I just don’t care and eat whatever or wear tight clothes. Why can’t I just be happy with myself? Or why can’t I lose any weight.

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  1. 125 lbs at 5'7" is very good. Not perfect, but good. By the way, can you guess what I am about to suggest? It will let you eat as much as you want and maintain a perfect BMI. It can even make you taller. Got it yet? Exercise! And lots of it. Seriously, I cannot tell you how important it is and how awesome it will make your life. By the way, to answer your questions, hormones and because you don’t exercise enough, respectively. The first one will pass, you have to work for the other.

    • by Co-hater
    • 28 October 2010, 7:32 PM

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