Things That I Hate

Parents Who Get Into Your Social Life

Why do parents have to be so involved in our social lives? Don’t they have their own social lives to worry about?

I was watching the AMAs tonight with my friends and my parents decided it was a good time to open my laptop without permission and read all my emails! Do they not trust me or something? Because it doesn’t seem like it. It’s not that I refuse to let them read my emails—they can do that. It’s that they assume that I won’t let them read them, so they go behind my back to do it.

And the worst part is when they ask me all about my social life and what this means and what that means, all because they read my emails! If they want to get involved or be updated about my social life, ask me—I am open to any questions.

And since they just found out that I’m dating someone, they are going to go to a party and tell all their adult friends. Thanks—thanks a lot. Whatever happened to “whatever is said in the family stays in the family”? Can you try and abide to this simple lesson and try and not get so involved in my social life? Is that too hard? I don’t think so.

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  1. Grrrr! Hate when that happens!

    • by Mollie
    • 10 January 2011, 3:38 PM

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