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Riding Horses

Riding horses isn’t a sport. It’s animal abuse to make them run races and hard obstacles with your fat body on it. Just take care of the horse.

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  1. No, it’s not animal abuse…

    • by Jonathan
    • 29 January 2011, 9:58 AM
  2. Are you stupid? Yes.

    I’ve been riding horses for eight years, and it’s not animal abuse. Horses are a lot bigger than us. They can handle the weight fine.

    You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    • by Emily
    • 29 January 2011, 2:58 PM
  3. Your incompetence is stunning and amazing. I have never, in my whole life, seen someone so—how can I put it?—STUPID.

    Horses, unlike other animals such as cats and dogs, have plates that meet withers instead of two bones. This allows someone to ride the horse without pain or erosion of bones.

    A horse weighs around one thousand pounds. The average weight of riders is one hundred and thirty pounds—so they can easily carry humans. From the horse’s perspective, we’re like a backpack.

    The definition of sport is “an activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.” Horseback riding requires a lot of skill in steering and communicating with the horse. It also takes a lot of leg muscle. Horse competitions are very serious too. Overall it requires skill, physical activity, and has a competitive nature so it is a sport. I will admit that some people mistreat their horses, but the majority don’t. It is unfair to say that all riders abuse their horses when they don’t.

    Obviously, you have never been on a horse and should learn about them before posting an ignorant comment that insults many people.

    • 30 January 2011, 5:33 PM

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