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I don’t hate boys in general. It just really annoys me when one brings up female prostitution and I argue that it’s a negative thing. “What’s wrong with being a prostitute? Men like it!” Well what isn’t wrong about being a prostitute? I mean, women sell themselves—and I understand that some of them have come from sad backgrounds and it’s hard for them to earn money but it just makes thick guys think it’s okay to treat women like that! And it definitely increases the amount of people that get raped! How would they like it if their sisters were doing it?

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  1. I agree that in general, it’s a less than ideal situation (and is always a bad thing if the women are forced to do it against their will), but does a woman not have a right to her own body? And, having that right, does she not, if she wishes to, also have the right to sell access to it for sexual purposes? It’s claimed that prostitution bans are to protect the women, but in reality they’re reducing their rights.

    I advocate total legalization of consenting adults being able to sell sex, and, being completely legal, the women (and men) who choose to do it will be able to go to the police without fear of retribution, can do it it more public places, and will be safer overall.

    That said, I agree that prostitution is not a particularly good thing, morally. (I’m speaking of an individual morality, not religious.) But it should be legal.

    • by Fred
    • 4 February 2011, 12:56 PM
  2. I’m not an advocate of prostitution, but there is absolutely no evidence that it contributes to occurrences of rape, and no logical reason to draw a connection between the two.

    • by Bronzelike
    • 4 February 2011, 3:44 PM

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