Things That I Hate

My Mom’s Obsession With Her Cat

My mom isn’t the kind, loving, baking, story-telling, joyful mother you might imagine. Growing up, she was cynical, cold—all my childhood memories of being teased or hurt are from this woman. She was even physically abusive. Now she has this cat. And when I come over to visit my parents, she is constantly all over this cat. You can’t touch the cat, because she’s too busy kissing it and petting it and shoving food at it. She’s always nuzzling into the cat or pressing her face against it. She whispers sickeningly sweet lovey-dovey things to her “perfect, precious little baby”. She will recline in the chair and hold the cat and go to sleep. If you try to pet the cat, she’s infuriated. Not only is the baby talk and over-mothering of this fuve year old cat irritating to watch/listen to, but she had two of her own kids that she ignored and abused.

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  1. We must be related! My mother was cold, mean, abusive, unloving, you name it (except to her two dogs)! It has taken me many years and tears to realize its was not me that was a horrible person, it was her. Your mother is a sick and unhappy individual. Try to remember it’s not the poor cats’ fault. I hated those dogs! She gave them the love that she had never gave me. I will keep you in my prayers.

    • by Are we siblings?
    • 6 February 2011, 12:16 PM

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