Things That I Hate

Annoying People

I’m on vacation, and that’s awesome! But the vacation is with another family along with my own. My family doesn’t bug me, it’s the other family.

The dad is rude, condescending and acts like I know nothing. He is a control freak and when we played a card game, he freaked out when I touched the cards in the middle.

The Mom is a hyper energizer bunny who means well but is still aggravating. She does the “aww, sweetie” head caress and every time I say something, she says “oh, you’ve never done that. It’s really much worse/better than you think.” And she also does this weird thing with her tongue, when she laughs she sticks it between her teeth and it creeps me out!

The girl and the boy are whiny and delicate. They panic whenever something happens, like they fall down or get a bit of snow on their wrist. They start crying bloody murder and say they need ice to feel better. Everything must be tucked in properly, otherwise they panic because they don’t have their glove tucked into their coat. They always want candy and their mom has a philosophy that “if they have candy around and are exposed to it, then it won’t be a novelty when they are around sweets.” So far, it doesn’t work because every time they are around sugar they have a spaz attack and jump up and down and beg and beg for the sugar.

The daughter watches Disney Channel, and it bugs me so much, because she won’t read anything but comics and has no vocabulary. She’s eleven, and yesterday she asked me what the word “lovely” meant. And I’ve been stuck with them for the whole week.

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