Things That I Hate

When People Say “Haii!”

“Haii” is not a word. It’s much easier to just say “hi”! It’s not that hard. I’m sick of little girly girls saying stupid words like “haii” and “baii”. It’s so annoying! I really hate when people say “okaii” especially. Once again, much easier to say “ok” or “okay”. Also, “okaii” is pronounced “oak-eye”, not “oh-kay”. Just stop saying these, please!

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  1. Actually, technically you are wrong. “Hai” is hello is Japanese. Now it may just be that they’re using it incorrectly, but you shouldn’t immediately dismiss something just because it might be annoying. I’ll admit, their incorrect usage of the Japanese hello is annoying. I’ll give you that.

    • by Kiku
    • 12 April 2011, 7:21 AM

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