Things That I Hate

Girls Who Say They Can Get Someone Else to Beat You Up

I’m a girl, so I’m not being sexist. I can fight my own battles and have some good comebacks, but most of the trendy, fake girls need nail polish and a bodyguard. It’s true. I was at the pool just today and there were these two girls that claimed they were birth sisters, a blond with blue eyes and a brunette with brown eyes. They were around seven, and said they had another sister that was four days older than me, so I said, “well then I’m younger and quicker”. They told me I was wrong. Then I told them I could beat them up in a second and that I’m a blue belt in karate and that I play football with all the guys, plus I’m a swimmer that can break out of police handcuffs, which I got from my neighbor who is a former policeman, and I’m the toughest skateboarder on my block, and they said, “So? Our sister’s older than you by four whole months!” I laughed my head off. I said, “look, I can just stand here and beat you up, but you need to grab a pretend sister that you claim is older than me, but she could be weaker, if you were in trouble, you’d have to whip out your phone, where I could knock you out in run.” They left. They should toughen up if they want to talk like that.

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  1. This entire post made me want to drown myself in battery acid. Are you trolling, or just stupid?

    • by wowzers
    • 11 April 2011, 6:18 PM

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