Things That I Hate

Girl Cliques

Do you really have to go around and bug everyone? Do you all have to swarm around one person to single them out? Lose the drama! One minute you’re calling each other sisters and the next minute you’re fighting and splitting into little groups, saying things like “they can all be our friends, but that’s too many best friends” Do you have to all sing at once and put on makeup every ten minutes? I don’t hate girls, I just hate swarms of them.

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  1. Not all girls are like that when they are with their friends. When my friends and I are together, we definitely don’t sing, almost none of us wear makeup and one of my best friends and I are tomboys. Now there is a group like that at my school, but they are a small portion of the student body.

    • by A girl
    • 11 April 2011, 1:13 PM

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