Things That I Hate

ICT Lessons

You may have, or may be taking a lesson called ICT. I’m not sure about the whole of the UK, but in England or in my school, ICT consists of making spreadsheets, making brochures, making databases, making PowerPoint presentations, and you repeat that whole process. We have an hour of this every fortnight and it is pure hell. The teachers who teach us are only teachers who don’t work enough hours to class as full time, so the remaining hours they have to work are in ICT. They don’t know anything. They don’t teach you anything important, which I think are things like identifying file types such as JPEG, GIF, etc., learning how to plug hardware into the USB port and to make sure you can use it (e.g. a scanner or a graphics tablet) or BB code (a code used widely for online blogs). Instead, they make you do unnecessary things, such as designing book covers in MS paint (which is one of the worst pieces of software draw pictures and edit photos, I wish they’d use something like GIMP or paintNET at least) or learning how to not get a bad back when using a computer at the desk. Sure, it’s nice to not get a hurt back, but it’s nicer to know how more important things work.

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