Things That I Hate

When My Mom Complains About Things

My mom always gets mad at me. She thinks it’s horrible how I go on and on over clothes. I can never find anything to wear and always take a long time to decide. So what if I care about the way people view me? There is a lot more peer pressure than what she had to deal with. She also complains about being exhausted after work. I tell her to go take a nap but she says no. If someone is that tired they should sleep. Also she thinks that she is so advanced because she has a degree. Today while talking to the phone company I heard her say “well, I have my master’s, so you know!” It’s annoying. No one cares. Along with that she also complains about how my twin sister and I fight so much. We do it and we can’t stop it. She has no clue what it’s like to be a twin, she had a brother, not a sister. Especially one that you are forced to be close to.

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