Things That I Hate


My interest in Facebook started to wane when I got friend requests from both of my parents, my grandmother, my great uncle that I’ve only met twice, and my adolescent cousins who take everything I write seriously. I had so many blocked creeper lists that I didn’t know what to do. Overdramatic little “self-thoughts” as statuses, plus everyone putting their opinions and sarcastic remarks where no one asked for it. And people putting up way too many “flattering” and awkwardly cropped photos of themselves. I added you as a friend so I could see how miserable your life is, and now I have to see pictures of you, your dog, and your (no offense) alienated looking new born every time I log on. That, along with people sending me app requests for the most ridiculous things… oh, and your third grade level spelling and grammar. Sorry, but goodbye Facebook.

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