Things That I Hate

Rude Old People

Granted, any rude people are, well, rude and annoying, but the older generations are always complaining how younger generations have no respect. And then you see these people. They’re these old people (women mostly—not to be sexist, thats just what I’ve noticed) who wear ten pounds of makeup and have fifteen credit cards and wear designer clothes, who just stick their nose in the air constantly and barge past you. Like just the other day, I was in the grocery store and I’m walking out and I didn’t get a cart (which I regret) so I’m carrying five grocery bags. So one of these old ladies is right behind me and I’m not just gonna slam the door on her so I lean up against it to hold it open for her and she scoffs past and runs right into me. A couple of cans drop and start rolling into the street (right by her!) and she glances at me and just continues walking! I mean, really? Who would do that?

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