Things That I Hate

People Who Randomly Want Horses

I’ve been riding horses all my life and I’ve loved them for a very long time, but my friend said, “I want a horse” and I asked her if she even knew anything about them and she said, “no, but I’m going to.”

I want a horse, but I know how to ride and how to take care of them and all that stuff and I’ve known it all my life, but to decide you randomly want a horse makes me really irritated. You don’t know half the things that I do and I dedicated my whole life to riding! Just because you’re looking at lessons and you “know what riding feels like” just by seeing Seabiscuit in the movie theatre doesn’t mean you know anything! Seriously! Don’t go around saying you’re getting a horse if you’ve never even seen a horse in real life! She seriously hasn’t even seen a horse in real life besides driving by a pasture while on a road trip from California to Florida. Please! What if you don’t like lessons? Besides, she will probably chicken out of riding because she’s skittish.


  1. In short: “Horses are my thing and I’m going to be irrational and stupid!” She outright said that she plans on learning about horses, and thus has a legitimate interest in them. Stop flipping out and suck it up, buttercup.

    (Also, I love the condescending ‘Please!’ towards the end. It reaaaaally made me want to agree with you.)

    • by wow.
    • 31 May 2011, 7:26 PM
  2. Well, excuse me if she doesn’t know a thing about them… and oh, btw, it’s been a month since I posted this and she has no interest in them anymore.

    P.S. You should see what I have to put up with at school… if you saw my reaction you would see I’m not “irritational and stupid”.

    • by the girl who wrote this
    • 7 June 2011, 6:36 PM

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