Things That I Hate

My Orthodontist and My Mom

I hate my orthodontist. My mom doesn’t help either. She took me to our local orthodontist and I got molds and an examination. Then at the next appointment, we had the treatment plan meeting. I need braces and headgear. I only need the headgear at night, and he usually uses regular brackets. But then my mom asked to have me wear fully banded braces. So imagine walking around with your teeth almost completely covered by all this metal. Then she told him that I probably wouldn’t wear the headgear. So then he suggested that he could wire on the facebow, so I can’t take it off. My mom cheerfully agreed to that. I reminded them that they didn’t even give me a chance to wear it on my own. They completely ignored me. So today I got all this crap installed. I look like a grade-A geek. I talk like some psychotic freak. And I have to walk around like this for the next three years!

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