Things That I Hate

When People Play Music out Loud

Honestly? I get it—I do it too—but that’s when I’m in my room, or I can actually hear the song, or I’m sure that the people around me also like the song. But it’s embarrassing when you’re with someone and (even if you do like the song) you are walking on a public place and there’s people around! You can feel right away if they don’t like the song. Or when you’re in a super crowded place and people decided to play music out loud, guess what? Not everyone likes that song! And it’s loud in here, come on! You love that song? You can barely even hear it!


  1. I agree completely. May I add that having roommates who do this is a nightmare? How do you explain to someone that you don’t like their music and that they should never play it out loud (at any volume level above inaudible)? Do you sarcastically ask them if they’ve ever heard of headphones? Will they ever get the hint to follow your example when you’re always considerate and use headphones yourself? Is it not saying passively aggressively saying “screw you, I’ll do what I like, I don’t care if you like it or not” if you do this? If they don’t already feel bad about playing the music they like without consulting others around them, they obviously aren’t going to understand when you try and explain it to them—that’s just the kind of person they are—a terrible person.

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    • 3 October 2015, 11:29 AM

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