Things That I Hate

Jock Moms

I’m not saying all of them, because a good chunk of my friends are jocks and their moms like me just fine, but I mean the ones who think of you as some no-life loser if you don’t play football, basketball, baseball or soccer.

Today I was at my cousin’s graduation party and there was a lady there (I’ve known her for a while, but we were never that close) and she asked me “Do you play football?” “No.” “Do you play baseball?” “No.” “Do you play soccer?” “No.” “Do you want to next year?” “No.” So she just looks away with some stupid look on her face and raises her eyebrows. I felt like telling her that at least I’m not raising my kid to be a douchebag who thinks kids who don’t play sports are losers.

I mean, I’m still in good shape, I still can run and throw a ball. I have a life, I’m just no jock.

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