Things That I Hate

“Dumb Blonde”

I as a blonde don’t understand it. I’m at the top of my class with all As, take hard classes and do lots of extra stuff, and people still choose to call me a dumb blonde! Seriously, hair color has nothing to do with your brain power. I don’t believe any of the stereotypes! Not even the ones that make us look better. Saying someone is a dumb blonde is just like saying almost a 6th of the world is dumb!


  1. I dunno about the hair thing, but as far as “a 6th of the world”:

    Consider how dumb the average person is. Then remember that, statistically speaking, half of the world is even dumber.

    Chances are the people who are calling you dumb are less intelligent than you.

    • by ChickinSammich
    • 15 June 2011, 8:13 AM

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