Things That I Hate


It’s not the homework and tests and quizzes that annoy me, it’s the people—the teachers, the students—everyone!

The teachers are sitting there, yelling at you for cheating on a test by looking at someone’s paper, but they have no idea that you couldn’t study last night because you’ve been getting abused by your mother. They don’t know what we have to go through and what’s happening at home, so why do they treat us like this?

And then the guidance counselors? They expect me to tell them about my private life, and end up telling my parents anyway. And what’s their good advice? Yoga classes.

And then you’ve got the students. I can’t come to school without wearing Abercrombie jeans and Uggs or no one would talk to me. And then there are the “popular” people who wear underwear to school but call them “shorts”. Oh, and I can’t forget my straightened hair, mascara, and ring!

I’d rather stay home by myself, because that way I wouldn’t feel judged. It’s the people that make school horrible. School itself is fine.

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