Things That I Hate

When People Can’t Take a Joke

Me and my one friend made our other friend a card, because she’s really nice and we wanted to make her laugh. So we put her sock in the card, and did other funny things with it. Then we gave it to her, and she started reading it aloud. And you should have heard how she was reading it. Kind if like that “I don’t care about this stupid thing and I’m being a sarcastic jerk” kind of tone. Then she was like, “Oh, how generous” in a sarcastic voice. Then another girl whispered in her ear, “Just throw it out.” Then the girl that we gave the card to said, “No, I’m not allowed to” in a sarcastic tone again. We actually worked really hard on that card. It took us 3 days just to make a card! She can’t even take a joke.

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