Things That I Hate

My Gym Teacher

She has this big old fat loser of a go-to sub, and he teaches us at least once every few weeks. He obviously has terrible eyesight because he counts kids as not wearing their gym uniforms all the time, even when they are. He also counts random people absent. One day, while taking attendence, he called my name and I said here. He said, “So she’s not here then?” I yelled, “Here!” He repeated himself. After me yelling “here” about 4 times, I walked up to him and said, “I’m here!” He still didn’t hear me, but I thought he did, so I sat down. Then I realized that he hadn’t and after tapping him on the shoulder multiple times and saying I was here repeatedly, he finally heard me. One day he marked my friend absent for no reason. Then when the real teacher returns, she asks why so-and-so was gone yesterday. The whole class will tell her the person was not absent, but then she’ll say, “I’ve had this sub a long time. I trust him.” I understand that the poor man cannot help having terrible senses, but she shouldn’t believe him if we’re all telling her he’s wrong. These absences and no-dresses go down on our records and stay there.

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