Things That I Hate

Jocks’ Parents Who Make Up Excuses For Their Kids

I know that not all jocks’ parents are like this, but where I’m from, if a kid forgets to do an assignment that was assigned two weeks earlier and due two weeks later, the parents come in and say “Oh, my child doesn’t have time to do that! He’s playing competitive soccer/football/golf/hockey, etc.”

Well, ya know what? No one cares. They had just as much time as the rest of us, and if they choose to play sports during the school year, they should be able to balance the two or just not play! If the teacher gives you a break because you’re too “busy”, then what about the rest of us? We either don’t have the chance to play sports or aren’t good so we don’t, so that means we get more work? And some of us may have family drama or something really bad in our personal lives that we have to deal with, but we still get our work done!

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