Things That I Hate

Vegetarians and Vegans

Now, it’s fine if you’re a vegetarian or vegan because you want to be healthy. In fact, that’s great. It’s also okay if you just feel uncomfortable eating animals. However, it annoys me when people don’t eat meat because they think, it’s wrong to eat animals. It’s not. By nature, humans are meant to eat both meat and vegetables. Stop being crazy.


  1. It is wrong because we took away their land and we hunt them for sport and we pollute their air on a daily basis and some of us don’t even notice! They were here first! Some of us even eat them like it’s nothing… that’s another life taken away by the human race! And if we didn’t think it’s wrong to eat animals we wouldn’t be vegetarians now would we?

    Oh, and BTW, vegans don’t believe what vegetarians beleive they just don’t like relying on animals for food so don’t take your angry rant out on them, please.

    • by Vegetarian
    • 9 July 2011, 12:22 PM
  2. At the above comment:

    A hungry animal will eat you if it has the oppurtunity and won’t even think twice to eat your entire family so why should you? If they were really meant to be or want to be equal and not get eaten, they should stop killing thousands of us each year.

    • by My god...
    • 26 August 2011, 3:50 AM

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