Things That I Hate

Are You Asian? Are You Black? Are You Mexican?

I hate when people keep bugging me about what my race is. Just shut up. You’re racist, and I’m really no different than you. Aren’t we all human? In my opinion, we really shouldn’t be identified as race. We should all be identified as one thing: a person. I feel like an animal trying to be identified by biologists whenever someone asks me a question as effective as, “What’s your racial background?” Like the Bible states, “There is only one race—the human race.”

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  1. First, the Bible doesn’t say anything of the kind, not that it’s a credible source of information or insight anyway. It does say we are all of one blood, which is probably more or less true, but science explains it better. Second, for someone to take an interest in your ethnic heritage absolutely does not make them racist. It makes them curious, maybe nosy. That’s the most you can reasonably conclude from those questions. It doesn’t mean they don’t accept you. If you would just make peace with the fact that people are always going to wonder about that, you would have a lot less stress.

    • by Michael
    • 14 July 2011, 6:41 AM
  2. I completely agree with the OP. To be curious is a form of racism.

    • by Bob
    • 17 July 2011, 11:21 AM
  3. “To be curious is a form of racism.” I hope that’s a joke. If not, it’s one of the most ludicrous representations of a persecution complex I’ve ever encountered.

    • by Michael
    • 21 July 2011, 6:20 AM

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