Things That I Hate

Being 14

It’s like 14 year olds are stuck between being a child and a teen. At 14 of course you get more freedoms, but there are still so many things that we are apparently still “too young” to do. For example, my parents think I’m too young to have a boyfriend or go on dates, and if I’m ever asked out and I try to make my parents change their mind, they treat me as if I’m 3 years old and like having a boyfriend is a huge deal and only for “older” kids. In addition to that, though I can almost anywhere I want with my friends, the fact that we can not drive yet always causes complications. Plus, we are now going into high school as the freshmen. For some reason, almost all the upperclassmen hate the “frosh”. So just to sum up my life: I can’t have a boyfriend, I can’t drive, and I’m going to get beat up by juniors and seniors. Thanks 14!

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